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My oldest daughter, Addison, has special needs.  To be completely honest, she is the entire reason why I even began on my photography journey.  While I have always wanted to be a creative and create pretty things, I never had the nerve to actually go down this path. 

This changed with Addison.

When I took my daughter to a photography studio in August 2013 for her 4-year old portraits, the session was pretty much a disaster.  Although the photographer did the best that she could (at least I hope she did!) during the session, she could not get the best photos of my baby girl, even with my assistance.  The session time was very limited (due to studio policies) and by the end of it all, both the photographer and my daughter appeared to be very frustrated.  I ended up with three “good” photos of my baby girl.

After that session, I said to myself, “I won’t put Addison through that again. I can do better, I can…capture her personality and genuine smiles and facial expressions.

And so, I bought my first DSLR in April 2014.

My first photo of my daughter, Addison. June 2015.

My first photo of my daughter, Addison. June 2015.

Since starting my photography business, I have taken lots of great photos of Addison (which I’m thankful for), and I always knew that I wanted to cater to other children with special needs in some capacity.  I know from personal experience that families of children with special needs face unique challenges.

My goal is to make both you and your child feel comfortable—from our very first interaction.  In our initial consultation, I will aim to find out more about your child’s likes, dislikes, preferences, and fears—in order to better prepare for the photo session.

A photo session with your children should be an enjoyable story to tell. I want you to walk away knowing that your child had a great time and that you’ll be getting wonderful photos to reflect this moment in your lives. Just like every other family, you deserve beautiful photos of your children!

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Note from Sharetha:

Thank you so much for reading this blog post!  I love featuring my clients’ images here (as well as some personal favorite images), and this will give you a glimpse into what you will receive when you commission me for your Charlotte Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family Photography.

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